Getting Started

This toolkit is designed to help staff of adolescent pregnancy prevention (APP) projects who want to incorporate adolescent relationship abuse (ARA) prevention into their existing programming.  Whether projects are new or established, this toolkit provides practical tools for youth workers to choose from and adapt to best fit their projects and participants.

This toolkit also provides guidance about selecting from the available tools and ensuring high-quality implementation of ARA prevention approaches. Different tools may be useful at different stages of a project and for programs with different goals and levels of funding. This toolkit describes when, how, and why tools should be used if ARA is being addressed. APP projects are encouraged to share this toolkit with their partners.

This toolkit is designed to guide projects that want to incorporate ARA prevention into their programming through this process from start to finish. It is structured in four sections, as depicted in the flowchart below.

ARA Flowchart, showing the process from organizational readiness and planning, selection and adaptation materials to address ARA, Preparation and Implementation, and successful incorporation of ARA prevention into APP projects. All processes are part of Monitoring and Evaluation.

The first section, Organizational Readiness and Planning, is devoted to organizational readiness and planning steps to address ARA, which are especially important for projects that have never addressed ARA before. Youth workers will find information on developing a project plan, strengthening partnerships with relevant organizations, and developing policies and procedures related to ARA prevention and response.

The second section, Selection and Adaptation of Materials, provides tools and practical guidance about selecting materials, including specific lessons and multi-session curricula, to address ARA.  Strategies for selecting materials, as well as guidance about making adaptations to existing APP programs or selected ARA prevention materials to best meet project needs, are also included.

The third section, Preparation for Implementation, includes tools to help projects prepare for implementation of ARA prevention approaches, including orientation and training of selected staff. This section also provides resources related to ARA prevention and response that projects can use and adapt for their target audiences, including youth and parents. 

The fourth section, Monitoring and Evaluation, provides tools that can be used to monitor or evaluate ARA prevention approaches, including those related to evaluation planning and assessment of potential outcomes for participants who receive ARA prevention activities.

The appendix offers additional resources that projects can use for reference and to enhance their staff’s knowledge about ARA. 


The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program’s Training and Technical Assistance and Meeting Logistical Support project led by RTI International for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Family and Youth Services Bureau, under Contract No. HHSP23320035651WC developed this toolkit.

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