NCFY Reports

New Marketing Approaches for Youth-Serving Programs

Young people working on social media.

Your work is important. You know your agency helps people. You’ve seen young people and families improve their lives because of the kindness and expertise of your staff. You may even have data to prove the difference you make.

But something’s missing. Maybe you need to find donors to support a new program. Or you want to spread the word about a major issue your work addresses. Or you just need your community to take notice. This feature is about making those things happen. You’ll hear about putting on a full-scale rebranding effort, partnering with filmmakers, and mounting a marketing campaign. These are ideas for youth and family workers who want to take a basic marketing plan to the next level or address a specific problem or need head-on. 

For more on communications and marketing, be sure to read our previous feature on the subject, and take a look at our new course, “Promote Your Youth Program,” for more advice on setting up an effective communications plan. 

9-5 pm Eastern