NCFY Reports

New Partners in the Fight Against Trafficking

A young woman with a supportive adult.

Every day, thousands of young men and women are forced to live lives they never chose. Some are sold into sexual slavery; others paid minimally for back-breaking work. For income, companionship, and safety, they are totally reliant on their captors, and fear retribution if they attempt to contact shelters or the police.

National awareness of trafficking is on the rise, as evidenced by the many states that now have official task forces to address the issue. Exploitation is still a danger to young women in particular, but as this issue of NCFY Reports shows, the tools to fight it have evolved. From youth workers who are themselves former victims to mobile awareness campaigns and online tools, this is what anti-trafficking work looks like at a pivotal moment.

Read this issue. Then, if you want to learn more, check out the issue of NCFY Reports in which we looked at population-based approaches to trafficking work. You’ll also find tips on working with victims in our e-brochure, “Bought and Sold.” And our research library lists peer-reviewed articles and academic reports on the issue

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