In each of our reports and toolkits, we take an in-depth look at an important youth and family services topic.


A gender nonconforming young person.

NCFY Reports: Serving Transgender Youth

Young people who identify as transgender experience high rates of family and community rejection. That, compounded with growing up in a world that typically sees people as male or female, means that transgender youth arrive at youth-serving agencies with substantial trauma histories. In addition to providing a welcoming and safe environment, it’s important that staff understand the experiences of transgender youth and their unique service needs.

The scales of justice.

Addressing the Legal Needs of Homeless Youth

In this edition of NCFY Reports, we look into the legal issues homeless youth face and how organizations can help them access assistance to prevent those issues from negatively impacting their chance at a future free of homelessness. 

A young woman holds a clipboard.

Screening and Assessment Tools for Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs

Use these tools to decide what types of interventions and services each young person in your care needs.

Two young people walking on a dirt road.

Getting Creative with Youth Housing

It’s the goal of any program serving at-risk or homeless youth: get young people off the streets and into a safe place of their own. But obstacles are always there, from regional and demographic challenges to a lack of available, affordable housing.


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