NCFY Reports

Street Outreach Programs Reach Out to Youth With Diverse Needs

Photograph of a city crosswalk at night.

Through the Family and Youth Services Bureau's Street Outreach Program for Older Homeless Youth, youth-serving agencies across the Nation conduct outreach to build trust and relationships between program staff and street youth. FYSB-funded street outreach programs serve and protect runaway and homeless youth and youth on the streets who have been, or are at risk of being, sexually abused and exploited. They offer a range of education, intervention, and prevention services to provide positive alternatives for youth, ensure their safety, and maximize their ability to take advantage of available opportunities.

This issue of NCFY Reports explores the conditions of young people living on the streets as well as the dangers street outreach workers face and how programs can minimize those dangers. It also discusses peer outreach as a tool for reaching street youth and looks at the pressing issue of human trafficking of young people.

9-5 pm Eastern