NCFY Reports

Thinking Creatively in Family and Youth Work

Photograph of a teen girl painting a picture.

Everyone needs a moment of inspiration from time to time.

In this issue of NCFY Reports, we celebrate the value of creativity in family and youth work. From arts therapy to innovative staff practices, there’s plenty of room for imaginative, self-expressive activities in this field.

We begin with a look at evidence-based arts therapy, and a practitioner’s case for why “simple” tasks like painting and drawing can help rewire the traumatized brain. Next we hear from youth-serving programs in Seattle, Boston and New York about how designated creative time has helped build rapport with the young people in their communities. Lastly we talk to youth workers in Hawaii and Pittsburgh about the value of filmmaking for helping at-risk young people express themselves and prepare for careers.

Alongside these features we have a bullet-pointed guide for how to bring creativity into the staffroom, and a slideshow featuring artwork by some of the Seattle teens profiled in the second article.

How does your organization keep things alive and humming? How does an outside creative hobby or an arts-focused youth program enrich your work? Tell us these things and more on Facebook and Twitter.

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