In each of our reports and toolkits, we take an in-depth look at an important youth and family services topic.


A father and his young teen son.

Promoting Fatherhood Where It’s Needed Most

This issue of NCFY Reports is dedicated to helping Family and Youth Services Bureau grantees and other social service providers work with fathers.

Young people on the street.

Most At Risk: Population-Based Approaches for Helping Trafficking Victims

Research shows that a focus on specific populations is the most effective way to help trafficking victims. We take a look at some of the most at-risk young people and how to serve them.

Photograph of a teen girl painting a picture.

Thinking Creatively in Family and Youth Work

From arts therapy to innovative staff practices, there’s plenty of room for imaginative, self-expressive activities in the family and youth work field.

Photograph of healthy, happy young people.

Mental Health: The First Step to Well Being

In this issue of NCFY Reports, we look at three challenges facing young people and their care providers, all related to mental health.


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