In each of our reports and toolkits, we take an in-depth look at an important youth and family services topic.


Photograph of three hopeful young people.

Beyond Addiction: Understanding and Treating Substance Abuse in Young People

NCFY takes an in-depth look at substance abuse and the teen brain, evidence-based interventions for teen substance abuse, and how to support staff who are in recovery.

Photograph of two smiling young people using a laptop computer.

Helping, Contributing, Learning: Youth Engagement as a Path to Well-being

NCFY investigates youth engagement strategies that challenge young people to take charge of their lives.

Photograph of a young woman researching with books and a laptop computer.

Evidence-Based Practice 101

A look at FYSB’s position on the importance of implementing evidence-based practice in youth work, one grantee’s experience implementing an evidence-based program, and ways to partner with researchers to show the effectiveness of your work.

Photograph of a young woman dressed for the office, giving the thumbs up.

Focusing on Outcomes for Youth: Self Sufficiency

The Family and Youth Services Bureau believes the most crucial outcomes for runaway and homeless youth include well-being, permanent connections, safety and self-sufficiency. In this issue of NCFY Reports, we focus on ways to achieve and improve self-sufficiency for runaway and homeless youth.


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