Draw the Line/Respect the Line: A Randomized Trial of a Middle School Intervention to Reduce Sexual Risk Behaviors

Coyle, K. K.,
Kirby, D. B.,
Marín, B. V.,
Gómez, C. A.,
Gregorich, S. E.
Published: May, 2004
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
American Journal of Public Health
Volume: 94

Issue: 5
American Public Health Association (APHA)

These authors evaluated the long-term effectiveness of Draw the Line/Respect the Line, a theoretically-driven, school-based curriculum designed to reduce sexual risk behaviors among middle school adolescents. Nineteen ethnically diverse public middle schools in northern California were enrolled in a randomized controlled trial, and a cohort of 2,829 sixth graders was tracked for 36 months. The intervention delayed sexual initiation among boys but not girls. Boys in the intervention condition also exhibited significantly greater knowledge, perceived fewer peer norms supporting sexual intercourse, had more positive attitudes toward not having sex, had stronger sexual limits, and were less likely to be in situations that could lead to sexual behaviors compared to controls. Psychosocial effects for girls were limited. The authors conclude that Draw the Line/Respect the Line was effective for boys, but not for girls. Modified Author Abstract.

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