Science and Success: Science-Based Programs that Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections among Hispanics/Latinos

Alford, S.
Year Published: 2009
Paper/Research Report
Advocates for Youth
Science & Success

Although Latina teens experienced a decline in birth rate between 2006 and 2007, they continue to experience the highest rates in most states and across the nation. Latinos are also affected by HIV and other STIs. Given the need to focus limited prevention resources on effective programs, Advocates for Youth reviewed existing research to compile a list of the programs that have been proven effective through rigorous evaluation at reducing adolescent sexual risk-taking. Of 26 programs that met criteria for effectiveness, 15 showed evidence of effectiveness with Latino participants. Four of these were designed specifically for Latino youth. Three were not designed specifically for Latino youth, but had evaluations in which the majority of the participants were Latino. The remaining eight programs included Latino youth in sufficient numbers to suggest that the programs may be effective with these young people. Seven of the programs effective among Latino youth are school-based, five are community-based, and three are clinic-based. This report presents the evaluation findings for these 15 programs.

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