Science and Success: Sex Education and Other Programs that Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections - Executive Summary, Third Edition

Alford, S.
Year Published: 2012
Paper/Research Report
Advocates for Youth
Science & Success

Despite recent declines, rates of teen birth, HIV, and STIs in the United States remain among the highest of any industrialized nation. To assist communities in implementing evidence-informed programs that can help young people reduce these risks, Advocates for Youth reviewed the literature to identify programs with evidence of effectiveness. Thirty-six programs met criteria for inclusion based on the quality of the evaluation design and analysis, and findings of at least two positive behavior changes among program youth relative to controls (postponement or delay of sexual initiation, reduced frequency of sexual intercourse, reduced number of sexual partners, increased use of effective methods of contraception and/or condoms, and/or reduced incidence of unprotected sex). This report presents descriptions of the 36 effective programs in table and text formats. It includes information about the program components, settings and populations served, evaluation methodology, evaluation findings, and contact information for learning more about and/or ordering the program.

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