The Co-Occurrence of Physical and Cyber Dating Violence and Bullying Among Teens

Yahner, J.,
Dank, M.,
Zweig, J. M.,
Lachman, P.
Published: Electronically published in July, 2014
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Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Interpersonal Violence

These authors investigated 1) the likelihood of dating violence for youth who perpetrate or experience bullying, 2) the strength of the association between teen dating violence and bullying, and 3) the specific co-occurrence rates of teen dating violence and bullying perpetration and victimization with regard to acts of physical violence, psychological abuse, and digitally perpetrated cyber abuse. Data were obtained through a cross-sectional survey of 7th through 12th grade students (n=5,647) attending 10 schools in rural, urban, and suburban settings. Results showed that one in eight youth were both perpetrators and victims of both dating violence and bullying during the prior year. Moreover, there was substantial co-occurrence of all types of teen dating violence and bullying. Youth who perpetrated and/or experienced physical, psychological, and cyber bullying were likely to have also perpetrated and/or experienced physical and sexual dating violence, and psychological and cyber dating abuse.

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