A Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Association Between School Bullying Victimization and Substance Misuse

Hong, J. S.,
Davis, J. P.,
Sterzing, P. R.,
Yoon, J.,
Choi, S.,
Smith, D. C.
Published: November, 2014
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
Volume: 84

Issue: 6
American Psychological Association (APA)

These authors review current research findings and present a conceptual framework for better understanding the relationship between bullying victimization and substance misuse (SM) among adolescents. Although victimization and SM may appear to be separate problems, research suggests that bullying victims are more likely to use substances compared to those uninvolved in bullying. The authors start with a brief, empirical overview of the direct association between victimization and adolescent SM. Then, they propose a conceptual framework that includes co-occurring risk factors for victimization and SM within family, peer, and school and community contexts. Next, they discuss potential mediators linking victimization and SM, including internalizing problems, traumatic stress, low academic performance, and school truancy and absence. They also identify potential moderating influences of age, gender and sex, social supports, and school connectedness that could amplify or abate the association between victimization and SM. The authors conclude with implications for practice and policy. Modified Author Abstract.

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