Effects of the It’s Your Game . . . Keep It Real Program on Dating Violence in Ethnic-Minority Middle School Youths: A Group Randomized Trial

Peskin, M. F.,
Markham, C. M.,
Shegog, R.,
Baumler, E. R.,
Addy, R. C.,
Tortolero, S. R.
Published: August, 2014
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
American Journal of Public Health
Volume: 104

Issue: 8
American Public Health Association

These authors examined whether “It’s Your Game … Keep It Real” (IYG) reduced dating violence among ethnic-minority middle school youths. They analyzed data from 766 predominantly ethnic-minority students at 10 middle schools in southeast Texas, for a group randomized trial of IYG. Logistic regression models showed that control students had significantly higher odds of physical dating violence victimization and emotional dating violence victimization and perpetration compared with intervention students. The odds of physical dating violence perpetration did not differ significantly between the groups. Some program impacts varied by gender and race/ethnicity. While effects for emotional and physical dating violence victimization were similar for boys and girls, effects for emotional dating violence perpetration were found only in boys. IYG was effective in reducing emotional dating violence victimization and perpetration among Hispanics, but it reduced only physical dating violence victimization among African Americans. Modified Author Abstract.

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