An Exploratory Study of Bullying Involvement for Sexual Minority Youth: Bully-Only, Victim-Only, and Bully-Victim Roles

Sterzing, P. R.,
Auslander, W. F.,
Goldbach, J. T.
Year Published: 2014
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research
Volume: 5

Issue: 3
Fall 2014

While bullying victimization disproportionately affects sexual minority youth, little research has explored bullying role involvement in this population. These authors examined the frequency of four types of bullying perpetration and victimization (verbal, relational, electronic, and physical); the percentages of sexual minority youth who assume bully-only, victim-only, bully-victim (both bullying perpetration and victimization), and no involvement roles; and the social ecological correlates of bullying role involvement. Data were obtained from structured interviews with 125 sexual minority youth (15–19 years old) recruited from two community-based organizations in the Midwest. The most common role type was victim-only (46.4 percent), followed by no involvement (36.8 percent), bully-victim (12 percent), and bully-only (4.8 percent). Gender-role conformity, sexuality disclosure, psychological distress, social support, school disciplinary problems, and positive school climate were significant predictors of bullying role involvement. The authors discuss the implications for prevention and intervention efforts and for future research. Modified Author Abstract.

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