Health and social harms associated with crystal methamphetamine use among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting

Uhlmann, S.,
DeBeck, K.,
Simo, A.,
Kerr, T.,
Montaner, J. S. G.,
Wood, E.
Year Published: 2014
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
The American Journal on Addictions
Volume: 23

Issue: 4

Despite a high prevalence of crystal methamphetamine use among high‐risk populations such as street-involved youth, few prospective studies have examined the health and social outcomes associated with active crystal methamphetamine use. These authors addressed this gap using data from a large, longitudinal prospective cohort of street‐involved youth in Vancouver, Canada (n=1,019), known as the at‐risk youth study (ARYS), to identify factors independently associated with active crystal methamphetamine use. The median follow up duration was 17 months; 454 participants (44.6 percent) reported previous use of crystal methamphetamine at baseline. In adjusted analyses, active crystal methamphetamine use was independently associated with Caucasian ethnicity, homelessness, injection drug use, non‐fatal overdose, being a victim of violence, involvement in sex work, and drug dealing. Findings indicate an urgent need for evidence‐based strategies to prevent and treat crystal methamphetamine use. Modified Author Abstract.

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