Ready for Anything: A Disaster Planning Manual for Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs

JBS International, Inc.
Year Published: Not Dated
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Family and Youth Services Bureau

This manual was designed to help managers of runaway and homeless youth (RHY) programs, both those offering short-term shelter services and those offering longer-term transitional living services, develop a plan for dealing effectively with disasters. The three chapters address different areas of disaster planning: prevention and preparedness, response, and recovery. Chapter 1 describes the steps needed to stop disasters before they occur and how to get ready for disasters that happen anyway. Chapter 2 addresses actions taken during a disaster scenario, including the decision to shelter in place or evacuate. Chapter 3 addresses the post-disaster period, when programs are repairing damage, replacing supplies, helping youth cope with trauma, and revising the response plan based on lessons learned. Appendices provide a list of resources and sample forms (maintenance log, staff contact list, vehicle log, vehicle list, transportation agreement, evacuation site agreement, disaster response plan template, and emergency power planning checklist).

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