Evaluating a Financial Education Curriculum as an Intervention to Improve Financial Behaviors and Financial Well-Being of Survivors of Domestic Violence: Results from a Longitudinal Randomized Controlled Study

Postmus, J. L.,
Hetling, A.,
Hoge, G. L.
Year Published: 2015
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Consumer Affairs
Volume: 49

Issue: 1
Special Issue on Starting Early for Financial Success

The Allstate Foundation and the National Network to End Domestic Violence created “Moving Ahead Through Financial Management, a financial education curriculum to improve the financial management skills of domestic violence survivors. The curriculum includes general information about money, credit, and basic financial processes as well as information domestic violence survivors would need to leave an abusive relationship. The present authors, guided by the reasoned action approach, evaluated the curriculum using a longitudinal randomized control methodology. They collected data from 195 participants over 4 time periods spanning 14 months. Outcomes of interest were financial knowledge, financial behaviors, financial strain, and financial intentions. While both the treatment and control group experienced improvements over time, the treatment group had significantly better outcomes on all measures immediately after participation in the curriculum, and these gains persisted over the next 12 months. Modified Author Abstract.

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