Gender, coping strategies, homelessness stressors, and income generation among homeless young adults in three cities

Ferguson, K. M.,
Bender, K.,
Thompson, S. J.
Year Published: 2015
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Social Science & Medicine
Volume: 135


These authors examined gender differences in coping strategies and homelessness stressors as they relate to homeless young adults’ (n=601) legal and illegal economic activity. They conducted analyses for the full sample and separately for females and males. In the full sample, avoidant coping, problem-focused coping, and mania were associated with legal income generation, whereas social coping, age, arrest history, transience, peer substance use, antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), substance use disorder (SUD), and major depressive episode (MDE) were associated with illegal economic activity. For females, problem-focused coping, race/ethnicity, and transience were correlated with legal income generation while problem-focused coping, social coping, age, arrest history, peer substance use, and ASPD were correlated with illegal economic activity. Among males, the model depicting legal income generation was not significant; however, social coping, age, transience, peer substance use, ASPD, SUD, and MDE were associated with illegal economic activity.

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