Insights in Public Health: Building Support for an Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention Program Adapted for Foster Youth

Smith, T.,
Clark, J. F.,
Nigg, C. R.
Published: January, 2015
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Hawai'i Journal of Medicine & Public Health
Volume: 74

Issue: 1
University Clinical, Education & Research Associates (UCERA)

Hawai‘i Youth Services Network (HYSN) is a training and technical assistance provider for Hawai‘i and other Pacific Island nations and territories. Grounded in a positive youth development philosophy, HYSN plays a key role in the planning, creation, and funding of local youth services, including teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention. One of HYSN’s focuses is prevention of teen pregnancy and STI among foster youth. A variety of complex factors, including instability, trauma, and emancipation, contribute to the increased risk of teen pregnancy and STI in this population. In this article, the authors describe how HYSN is leveraging federal and local funding to adapt and implement Making Proud Choices (MPC), an evidence-based teen pregnancy and STI prevention program, for foster youth.

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