Messy, Butch, and Queer: LGBTQ Youth and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Snapp, S. D.,
Hoenig, J. M.,
Fields, A.,
Russell, S. T.
Year Published: 2015
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Adolescent Research
Volume: 30

Issue: 1

Evidence suggests that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth experience disparate treatment in schools that may push them into the juvenile justice system. These authors conducted an exploratory study with LGBTQ youth and adult advocates to document experiences of discipline at school, perceived reasons for LGBTQ discipline disparities, and the pathways LGBTQ youth experience through the school-to-prison pipeline. They conducted focus groups with 31 youth from Arizona, California, and Georgia, and interviewed 19 adult advocates from across the United States. Results indicate that LGBTQ youth are punished for public displays of affection and violating gender norms. These youth often experience a hostile school climate, may fight to protect themselves, and are frequently blamed for their own victimization. Family rejection, homelessness, and other forms of discrimination exacerbate LGBTQ youths vulnerability to the pipeline. Modified Author Abstract.

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