What if Your Child IS the Bully?

PACER Center, Inc.
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PACER Center, Inc.
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This tip sheet offers advice to parents of children who bully other children. Children who bully suffer as much as those they target, the authors say. They are significantly more likely than others to lead lives marked by school failure, depression, violence, crime, and other problems. Acting to change the situation is vital to making the future safer for children who bully as well as for those who are bullied. These authors start by outlining the traits that typically characterize children who bully. Then they offer suggestions on how to help your child stop bullying by talking with him or her, confirming that the behavior is not due to a disability, teaching empathy and respect for others’ feelings, making your expectations clear, providing consistent consequences for bullying, setting a good example, role playing, providing positive feedback, staying patient as the child learns new behavior, and seeking professional help.

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