Acceptability of Family-Centered Advanced Care Planning for Adolescents With HIV

Dallas, R. H.,
Kimmel, A.,
Wilkins, M. L.,
Rana, S.,
Garcia, A.,
Cheng, Y. I.,
Wang, J.,
Lyon, M. E.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Volume: 138

Issue: 6
American Academy of Pediatrics

Small pilot studies support the appropriateness of engaging adolescents with chronic or life-limiting illnesses in pediatric advance care planning (pACP). To explore whether pACP is acceptable, feasible, and worthwhile, even if emotionally intense, these authors conducted a prospective randomized controlled trial at 6 US urban hospitals. Adolescent/family member dyads were randomized to receive the 3-session FAmily-CEntered Advance Care Planning (FACE) pACP intervention or a comparison condition. Participants completed a satisfaction questionnaire after each session. A total of 97 participants completed the allocated intervention. Adolescents ranged in age from 14 to 21 years, 93 percent were African American, and 73 percent were perinatally infected. Attendance was 99 percent for all 3 sessions in each arm. Participants found FACE to be useful and helpful, despite feelings of sadness. There were no adverse events. Modified Author Abstract.

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