Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse as a Form of ‘‘Domestic Violence’’: A Conceptual Review

Holt, A.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Trauma, Violence, & Abuse
Volume: 17

Issue: 5

Adolescent-to-parent abuse (APA) is increasingly recognized as a significant social problem, receiving attention from the fields of juvenile justice, child protection, and domestic violence (DV). One of the key questions shaping current debates concerns the extent to which established ways of working with DV can be applied when working with APA. In this article, the author first reviews definitions and prevalence rates of APA, and then considers how the problem fits into the “family conflicts” and “gender-based violence” paradigms that are most frequently used to conceptualize DV. She also considers how APA represents a similar but distinct phenomenon to adult-instigated domestic violence, creating challenges to addressing APA. Finally, the author reviews intervention programs for APA, highlighting ways they have adopted and rejected elements of good practice from the adult DV field. Modified Author Abstract.

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