Adolescent Pregnancy's Intergenerational Effects: Does an Adolescent Mother's Education Have Consequences for Her Children's Achievement?

Tang, S.,
Davis-Kean, P. E.,
Chen, M.,
Sexton, H. R.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Research on Adolescence
Volume: 26

Issue: 1
Society for Research on Adolescence

Research suggests that children born to adolescent mothers are at greater risk of poor developmental outcomes in part due to their mothers’ lower education levels. In this study, the authors examined the influence of adolescent mothers’ educational attainment on their children’s achievement. Using data from a sample of 14,279 White, Black, and Latino children followed from kindergarten to eighth grade, they examined the reading and math achievement trajectories of children born to adolescent and nonadolescent mothers with various levels of educational attainment. Results show that higher levels of maternal education predicted children’s higher initial achievement at kindergarten and their growth in achievement through eighth grade. The achievement of children with adolescent mothers, however, never reached parity with that of their peers with nonadolescent mothers. Race also predicted achievement differences, with Black and Latino children of adolescent mothers at greater risk for underachievement. Modified Author Abstract.

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