Adolescent Suicide Rates Between 1990 and 2009: Analysis of Age Group 15e19 Years Worldwide

Kõlves, K.,
De Leo, D.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Adolescent Health
Volume: 58

Issue: 1

These authors analyzed suicide rates among adolescents aged 15-19 in the decades 1990-1999 and 2000-2009 worldwide. Suicide data were obtained from the World Health Organization Mortality Database and population data from the World Bank Data set. A total of 81 countries or territories with data for at least 5 years in each decade were included in the analysis, and additional analysis for regional trends with 57 countries was performed. Results showed a declining trend over 1990-2009 in the overall suicide rate for males (from 10.30 to 9.51 per 100,000) and for females (from 4.39 to 4.18). The average suicide rate showed a significant decline for both genders in Europe (from 13.13 to 10.93 in males and 3.88 to 3.34 in females). There was a significant increase in South American countries for males (7.36 to 11.47) and a nearly significant rise for females (5.59 to 7.98). Other world regions did not show significant trends, but there were several significant changes at country level. The authors discuss possible reasons for the identified trends. Modified Author Abstract.

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