A computer‑assisted motivational social network intervention to reduce alcohol, drug and HIV risk behaviors among Housing First residents

Kennedy, D. P.,
Hunter, S. B.,
Osilla, K. C.,
Maksabedian, E.,
Golinelli, D.,
Tucker, J. S.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice
Volume: 11

Issue: Article 4
BioMed Central Ltd

Social network health interventions are an innovative approach for reducing alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and HIV risk problems among individuals transitioning from homelessness to housing. However, little is known about their feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy. These authors developed a computer-assisted intervention that incorporates social network visualizations and motivational interviewing (MI) techniques to reduce high risk AOD use and HIV behaviors among formerly homeless persons. In the Stage 1b pilot trial, 60 individuals transitioning from homelessness to housing will be randomly assigned to the intervention or control condition. The intervention condition consists of four biweekly social network sessions conducted using MI. AOD use and HIV risk behaviors will be assessed pre- and post-intervention, and compared to controls’ behaviors to determine whether the intervention is associated with any systematic changes in AOD use or HIV risk behaviors. Modified Author Abstract.

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