Counting and Surveying Homeless Youth: Recommendations from YouthCount 2.0!, a Community-Academic Partnership

Narendorf, S. C.,
Santa Maria, D. M.,
Ha, Y.,
Cooper, J.,
Schieszler, C.
Published: Electronically published in 2016
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Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Community Health

These authors present outcomes from a community/academic partnership to count homeless youth and survey them to assess their health needs. Over a 4-week recruitment period, 632 youth were counted and 420 surveyed. Project successes included an extended counting period, broader inclusion criteria to capture youth in unstable housing, use of student volunteers to assist with data collection, use of magnet events to recruit high risk youth, and partnerships with community agencies to disseminate findings. The project was able to gather data on reasons for homelessness, history in public systems of care, mental health history and needs, sexual risk behaviors, health status, and substance use. Youth were successfully surveyed across housing types including shelters or transitional housing (n = 205), those in unstable housing such as doubled up with friends (n = 75), and those who were living on the streets or other places not meant for human habitation (n = 140). Modified Author Abstract.

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