"Housing First" for Homeless Youth With Mental Illness

Kozloff, N.,
Adair, C. E.,
Lazgare, L. I. P.,
Poremski, D.,
Cheung, A. H.,
Sandu, R.,
Stergiopoulos, V.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Volume: Volume 138

Issue: 4
American Academy of Pediatrics

"Housing First" has been shown to improve housing stability for homeless people with mental illness, but it has not been empirically tested in homeless youth. These authors evaluated the effect of "Housing First" on housing stability in homeless youth participating in At Home/Chez Soi, a 24-month randomized trial of "Housing First" in five Canadian cities. Homeless individuals with mental illness were randomized to receive "Housing First" plus assertive community treatment or intensive case management as needed, or treatment as usual. Of 2,148 participants who completed baseline interviews and were randomized, 156 were youth aged 18 to 24 years; 87 youth received "Housing First" and 69 received treatment as usual. In adjusted analyses, "Housing First" significantly improved housing stability for homeless youth, but did not appear to have significant effects on other outcomes relative to usual care. Modified Author Abstract.

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