Implications of Comprehensive Mental Health Services Embedded in an Adolescent Obstetric Medical Home

Ashby, B.,
Ranadive, N.,
Alaniz, V.,
St. John-Larkin, C.,
Scott, S.
Published: Electronically published in 2016
(a more recently published version of this article may be available)
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Maternal and Child Health Journal

These authors describe a novel integrated mental health care program for pregnant and parenting adolescent mothers and their children in the Denver metropolitan area. The Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program (CAMP) is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary teen pregnancy and parenting medical home program serving an ethnically diverse and low socioeconomic status population. The Healthy Expectations Adolescent Response Team (HEART) is an embedded mental health care program focused on improving identification of mental health symptoms and increasing rates of mental health treatment in adolescent mothers. These authors present data showing pre- and post-HEART increases in the identification of patients needing mental health services and in successful referrals to community mental health services. Demographic factors did not have a significant impact on treatment engagement, while trauma history was associated with lower treatment engagement. The authors suggest directions for future program development and research.

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