Sexual Risk-Taking Among Recently Emancipated Female Foster Youth: Sexual Trauma and Failed Family Reunification Experiences

Gonzalez-Blanks, A.,
Yates, T. M.
Published: Electronically published in 2016
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Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Research on Adolescence
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Foster youth have disproportionately high rates of sexual risk behaviors, including an earlier age at sexual debut and engaging in more unprotected sex than peers with no history of out-of-home placement. Some studies have identified child maltreatment, particularly sexual abuse, as a risk factor for later sexual risk-taking, but none have examined how child welfare placement experiences relate to youth’s sexual risk-taking. In this study, the authors investigated relations among child maltreatment, child welfare placements, and sexual risk-taking in a sample of 114 recently emancipated female foster youth. They found that child sexual abuse and failed reunifications with parents were associated with greater sexual risk-taking, and that dissociative symptoms exacerbated the relation between sexual abuse and sexual risk-taking. Drawing on their findings, the authors suggest promising directions for future research and practice. Modified Author Abstract.

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