Supporting youth involved in domestic minor sex trafficking: Divergent perspectives on youth agency

Sapiro, B.,
Johnson, L.,
Postmus, J. L.,
Simmel, C.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Child Abuse & Neglect
Volume: 58

Issue: August

Domestic-minor sex trafficking (DMST) continues to affect youth in the United States, yet a lack of empirical evidence for interventions and the complex sociopolitical discourses surrounding this issue hamper delivery of effective services. To explore perspectives on best practices for these young people, the present authors conducted in-depth interviews with 20 key stakeholders familiar with the needs and experiences of DMST survivors in New Jersey. While stakeholders generally agreed on best practices, important areas of dispute emerged regarding how to best serve youth involved in DMST, specifically with regard to the meaning of youth running away from services, the ideal model of service provision, and youths’ access to technology. Findings suggest that practitioners continue to struggle with finding effective ways to support youth involved in DMST. The authors discuss the implications for research and practice. Modified Author Abstract.

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