Violence, Trauma, Mental Health, and Substance Use Among Homeless Youth Juggalos

Petering, R.,
Rhoades, H.,
Winetrobe, H.,
Dent, D.,
Rice, E.
Published: Electronically published in 2016
(a more recently published version of this article may be available)
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Insane Clown Posse is a musical duo whose fans are known as Juggalos. Many homeless youths (HY) identify as Juggalos, likely because the group’s music embraces poverty and being an outsider in mainstream society. However, little is known about the intersection of HY and Juggalos. In this study, the authors surveyed a sample of 495 HY seeking drop-in services in the Los Angeles area, 15 percent of whom identified as Juggalos. Juggalo-identifying HY were more likely to have experienced childhood trauma, including physical and sexual abuse and witnessing community violence. In multivariable models, identifying as a Juggalo was associated with increased odds of ecstasy, methamphetamine, and chronic marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse. Juggalo HY were also more likely to experience suicidal ideation and attempts, engage in interpersonal violence, become injured during a fight, and have unprotected sex. The authors discuss the implications for trauma-informed services specific to HY Juggalos. Modified Author Abstract.

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