YTH StreetConnect: Development and Usability of a Mobile App for Homeless and Unstably Housed Youth

Sheoran, B.,
Silva, C. L.,
Lykens, J. E.,
Gamedze, L.,
Williams, S.,
Ford, J. V.,
Habel, M. A.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
JMIR mHealth and uHealth
Volume: 4

Issue: 3
JMIR Publications

The goal of this study was to develop and evaluate YTH StreetConnect, a mobile app to support homeless and unstably housed (H/UH) youth and their providers in accessing health and vital resources. The authors conducted usability and feasibility testing of the app among H/UH youth and providers, as well as focus groups with youth regarding the app’s youth friendliness, accessibility, and usefulness. H/UH youth and their providers noted the app’s functionality, youth friendliness, and resources. The authors made improvements to the app, including visual enhancements to the user interface and the addition of map icons, new resource categories, and a peer rating system. However, the small sample size and single study site make the findings ungeneralizable to the US population. The authors conclude that YTH StreetConnect is a promising way to increase service utilization, provide referral access, and share resources among H/UH youth and providers. Modified Author Abstract.

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