Descriptive and injunctive network norms associated with nonmedical use of prescription drugs among homeless youth

Barman-Adhikari, A.,
Tayyib, A. A.,
Begun, S.,
Bowen, E.,
Rice, E.
Year Published: 2017
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Addictive Behaviors
Volume: 64

Issue: January

In this study, the authors explored whether social network norms are associated with engagement in nonmedical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD) among homeless youth. Homeless youth (n = 1,046) were recruited from three drop-in centers and interviewed regarding their individual and social network characteristics. Multivariate logistic regression was used to evaluate associations between social norms (descriptive and injunctive) and self-reported NMUPD. About 25 percent of youth reported past 30-day NMUPD, while 32.28 percent believed their network members engage in NMUPD. Both descriptive and injunctive norms were associated with self-reported NMUPD, but these varied by network type; the presence of NMUPD engaged street-based and home-based peers (descriptive norm) increased the likelihood of NMUPD, while objections from family members (injunctive norm) decreased that likelihood. Findings have implications for interventions targeting NMUPD among homeless youth. Modified Author Abstract.

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