Emerging adult homelessness in geographic perspective: A view fromthe Rust Belt

Bowen, E. A.,
Miller, B.,
Barman-Adhikari, A.,
Fallin, K.,
Zuchlewski, D.
Year Published: 2017
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Children and Youth Services Review
Volume: 73

Issue: February 2017

Homeless emerging adults (ages 18–24) are an underserved population that faces a number of health risks and may have limited access to resources. In this study, the authors conducted a place-centered analysis of homelessness among emerging adults by examining this issue in the context of the U.S. Rust Belt. They conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse sample of 30 homeless young adults in the small post-industrial city of Buffalo, New York. Qualitative analysis focused on how place intersects with other factors to shape participants' experiences of homelessness and their views of the city and local social services. Participants described a sense of limited opportunity in Buffalo and expressed frustration that the service spectrum was too small yet confusing to navigate. Findings suggest directions for enhancing service options for homeless young adults in small cities. Modified Author Abstract.

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