Facilitators and Barriers to Implementing Church-Based Adolescent Sexual Health Programs in Baltimore City

Powell, T. W.,
Weeks, F. H.,
Illangasekare, S.,
Rice, E.,
Wilson, J.,
Hickman, D.,
Blum, R. W.
Year Published: 2017
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Adolescent Health
Volume: 60

Issue: 2

These authors explored facilitators and barriers to implementing adolescent sexual health programs in black churches. The senior pastor and youth minster from nine Black churches in Baltimore, MD completed in-depth interviews, and 45 youths and 38 parents participated in focus groups. Participants agreed that comprehensive adolescent sexual health education should be available for youth in black churches. They also believed that abstaining from sex should be discussed in all adolescent sexual health programs. Participants identified three facilitators (widespread endorsement of church-based adolescent sexual health education, positive influence of youth ministers, and life lessons as teaching tools) and four barriers (perceived resistance from congregants, discomfort among youth, lack of financial resources, and competing messages at home about sexual health) ton implementing church-based adolescent sexual health programs. Modified Author Abstract.

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