“It's just broken branches”: Child welfare-affected mothers' dual experiences of insecurity and striving for resilience in the aftermath of complex trauma and familial substance abuse

Stephens, T.,
Aparicio, E. M.
Year Published: 2017
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Children and Youth Services Review
Volume: 73

Issue: February 2017

The voices of mothers of color who have been affected by the child welfare system are largely left unheard. Understanding their experiences may reveal strategies for system change and for other women to alter or avoid child welfare system involvement. Using augmented qualitative analytic methods from two phenomenological studies that used the life histories approach, these authors present the voices of 15 women of color with past child welfare involvement as foster youth and, for many, as mothers. Findings highlight experiences within two broad themes: immense insecurity and resilience across domains in the lives of child-welfare affected women. Mothers shared their insights about the aftermath of complex trauma and substance abuse within their families, as well as how they garnered resilience through perseverance, faith, empathy, and establishing stable homes. The authors discuss the implications for practice, policy, and research. Modified Author Abstract.

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