Parental monitoring, the parent-child relationship and children's academic engagement in mother-headed single-parent families

Malczyk, B. R.,
Lawson, H. A.
Year Published: 2017
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Children and Youth Services Review
Volume: 73

Issue: February 2017

These authors used longitudinal data from the Flourishing Families Project to examine the influence of parental monitoring, parent-child attachment, and observed parent-child relationship quality on the child's academic engagement. They also tested how parent-child relationship quality moderated the relationship between parental monitoring and academic engagement. Data were from a diverse subsample of 110 mother-headed, single-parent families. Results indicated that observed parent-child relationship quality and parental monitoring had a significant influence on children's academic engagement. However, patterns of parental influence varied based on the gender of the child, family income, or both. The authors discuss possible explanations for their findings as well as the implications for school-family research, policy, and practice. Modified Author Abstract.

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