Strategies to Build Readiness in Community Mobilization Efforts for Implementation in a Multi-Year Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative

Bhuiya, N.,
House, L. D.,
Desmarais, J.,
Fletcher, E.,
Conlin, M.,
Perez-McAdoo, S.,
Waggett, J.,
Tendulkar, S. A.
Year Published: 2017
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Journal of Adolescent Health
Volume: 60

Issue: Issue 3, Supplement
Special Issue: Implementing Community-Wide Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives

These authors describe an assessment of community readiness to implement Youth First, a community-wide teen pregnancy prevention initiative in two Massachusetts communities, as well as the strategies used to enhance readiness based on assessment findings. They conducted 25 community stakeholder interviews to assess four domains of readiness: (1) attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge of teen pregnancy; (2) perceived level of readiness; (3) resources and existing efforts; and (4) leadership. Analysis of the interview transcripts showed that stakeholders acknowledged teen pregnancy as an issue but lacked contextual information. They perceived the community as ready to address the issue, and some stakeholders were aware of existing efforts. However, many key players were not involved and ongoing data collection to assess teen pregnancy and prevention efforts was limited. Strategies to build community readiness in the four domains are discussed. Modified Author Abstract.

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