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A mother puts her arm around her teen daughter.

Engaging Parents in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Efforts
Kathleen Courtney, a program advisor with the Arkansas Department of Education, shares how she used funding from FYSB's Personal Responsibility Education Program to teach local schools the best ways to engage parents in teen pregnancy prevention efforts.

Diverse high school students.

Working with Schools on Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Sanford Johnson and Josh McCawley from Mississippi First share how they've worked with school districts to implement teen pregnancy prevention around their state.

A youth worker negotiating with a young person.

To Give and Receive: Gina Martin
Gina Martin, the director of outreach services at Covenant House New Orleans, shares advice about how she, and others, can make sure they're making an impact on youth they serve.

A young woman stands with her back against a wall.

NCFY Voices: Serving Trafficked Youth
New grantees of the Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Program discuss some of the challenges they face while serving trafficked youth.

Michelle Birkett

NCFY Voices: Does It Get Better for LGBTQ Teens?
Listen to Northwestern University's Michelle Birkett discuss her team's research about the mental health of LGBTQ youth


9-5 pm Eastern