Photograph of the Sasha Bruce House doorway.

Youth Speak Out: 'I’d Rather Be Here Than at the Pool'
NCFY talks to an adolescent girl about her life and her experiences in a summer program for at-risk youth.

Photograph of Darius and Moses.

Youth Speak Out: Brothers for Life
NCFY talks to a young boy and his mentor about how their friendship has enhanced both their lives.

Photograph of two smiling young people.

Youth Speak Out: Leading the Way
NCFY talks to two young people about how youth leadership has challenged and inspired them.

Photograph of a smiling young man.

Youth Speak Out: 'My Whole Life's Been a Story'
A young man describes how a street outreach worker gave his life meaning.

Photograph of a smiling young woman.

Youth Speak Out: Abstinence as Empowerment
A NCFY staff member talks to a young woman who says abstinence is more than a decision not to have sex. It's a way of valuing herself.


9-5 pm Eastern