A young graduate with his adult mentor.

6 Aftercare Supports Youth Need

February 16, 2017

Additional supports can help ensure a smooth and permanent transition for runaway and homeless youth leaving a program.

A young woman in a backpack looks at a map under a cloudy sky.

Five Must-Haves for Disaster Preparedness at Youth- and Family-Serving Organizations

September 16, 2016

Planning ahead is the key to protecting families and youth when an emergency strikes.

A medical professional works to put a young person at ease.

5 Things Transgender Youth Need

August 16, 2016

Much of the literature about how to best serve lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth lumps them all together. Although these youth face similar struggles and challenges, transgender (or gender non-conforming) youth require special services to ensure they feel safe and included. Learn more about best practices to specifically serve transgender youth.

One person handing money to another.

5 Fundraising Alternatives

August 9, 2016

When it comes to funding, the more diverse the sources, the better.


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