5 Essential Partners for Stopping Trafficking

A police car in a city street.
1. Law enforcement: Partnering with police can help overcome the common perception that trafficking victims are criminals. In Dallas, youth-serving agencies spearheaded the High Risk Victims Unit, specializing in trafficking victims. “Now we all work together,” says one youth worker. “They literally sit side by side, fighting for this cause.”

Throughout January, we’re highlighting the fight against human trafficking. In this slideshow we look at some of the most useful partners your agency can have in that work. From national organizations to local teens, these are the people who can help you serve victims and stop the culture of sexual exploitation.

"Police Departments Make Worthy Collaborators in the Fight Against Human Trafficking"

"Prevent Trafficking by Reaching out to Transportation and Hospitality Providers"

"Web Forum Shares Tips on Providing Services to Young Victims of Human Trafficking"

"Preparing Staff to Work With Trafficked Youth"

"In Georgia, a Collective Focus on Ending Sex Trafficking"

"Educating Young Men as a Way to End Commercial Sexual Exploitation"

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