Celebrating A Half-Decade of the FYSB Mural Contest

2011 winning mural
Listening Ear Crisis Center in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, claimed the top prize in 2011, the contest’s inaugural year. Young people shaped their mural as a footprint to depict their positive imprint on the community. Each “toe” also reflects an aspect of the program, such as a Yin-Yang symbol representing balance.

You may have seen the recent call for applications for the sixth annual Runaway and Homeless Youth Mural Contest. As we embark on the 2016 contest for Family and Youth Services Bureau grantees, we want to reflect on the past five years of youth-driven storytelling through art.

In this slideshow, we share each of the first-place murals selected since the contest began in 2011. You can also read the full meaning behind each design by visiting these articles from our archives.

Listening Ear Crisis Center: 2011 Mural Contest Winner: Leaving Footprints in the Community
Colorado Rural Collaborative: 2012 Mural Contest Winner: Colorado Teens Take a Stand Against Youth Homelessness 
Bridge Over Troubled Waters: 2013 Mural Contest Winner: Ascending from Despair to Hope
Los Angeles LGBT Center: 2014 Mural Contest Winner: Like A Good Neighbor ... A Community Always There
Child and Family Charities - Gateway Youth Services: 2015 Mural Contest Winner: Gateway to Life


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