Cultivating Fresh Produce and Youth Leadership in the Garden

youth plant seeds in empty field
Food Works has flourished over the years thanks to the care and nurturing of Janus Youth Programs and the St. Johns Woods community. The program, which started with less than a half-dozen participants, recently capped participation at two crews of 10 youth each.

The Food Works Summer Crew, based in Portland, OR, uses gardening to help young people build leadership and job skills while getting to know members of the community. Youth participants ages 14 to 18 learn how to grow produce from seed to harvest, along with the importance of increasing healthy food access for themselves and their neighbors.

In this slideshow, we highlight Food Works activities and talk to Program Director Amber Baker about how they help young people—not just their gardens—grow.

Read more about Food Works as part of a larger community garden project facilitated by the St. Johns Woods community and Janus Youth Programs.

9-5 pm Eastern