Reel Fathers Brings Kids and Dads Together With Movies and Poetry

Manuel Gonzalez celebrates the ninth-grade poets.
Manuel Gonzalez, poet mentor and national slam poet award-winner, describes the 9th grade students' process during the community performance that concluded Reel Fathers’ poetry intensive, “The Father Question." The program title was derived from students' study of "The Odyssey." Photo by Don Usner.

Reel Fathers in Sante Fe, NM, uses movies, poetry and group conversations to bring children and their fathers closer. In this slideshow we highlight two recent events. The first is the final performance from The Father Question, a two-week poetry-writing seminar in which 280 ninth-graders were asked to write about what the word “father” means to them. The second event is a movie night during which fathers and children watch a film and discuss its themes with other attendees.

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9-5 pm Eastern