Sacred Circle: Ending Violence Against Native Women

A Native American woman.

American Indian and Alaska Native women are battered, raped and stalked at more than twice the rate of any other group of women in the United States. That's why the Sacred Circle National Resource Center to End Violence Against Native Women was established. Located in Rapid City, S.D., Sacred Circle provides training, technical assistance and resource information regarding violence against Native women and assists in developing Tribal strategies and responses to end the violence. Specifically, Sacred Circle works to

  • Enhance Tribes’ and Tribal organizations’ creation of coordinated community response efforts, including advocacy and shelter programs, criminal justice, law enforcement and other related systems;
  • Increase Indian Nations’ capacity to provide direct services and advocacy to women and their children victimized by battering and sexual assault through training, technical assistance, model programming and information consistent with the Indigenous worldview;
  • Expand Tribal law enforcement’s capacity to respond to domestic violence and sexual assault by providing specific training, information and model policy and protocols;
  • Enhance the infrastructure of the Tribal justice system’s capacity to provide for victim safety and batterer accountability through analysis and development of policies and procedures;
  • Train Tribal service providers to develop and facilitate batterers’ programs; and
  • Increase community awareness and grassroots support to stop violence against Native women.

A project of Cangleska, Inc., a private, nonprofit, Tribally chartered organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Sacred Circle is funded by the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s Family Violence Prevention and Services Program, which dedicates 10 percent of all grants to Tribes.

9-5 pm Eastern