A Social Network for Social Good

A young person using social media on her phone.

Overwhelmed by the thought of using social networking websites to market your organization? Now there's a social networking site just for nonprofits and social causes. Launched last year by the co-founder of Facebook, Jumo lets users find, follow and financially support the causes important to them. By creating a Jumo page, organizations can connect with a broad base of individuals and keep them abreast of news, needs and opportunities.

People are talking about Jumo:

  • Mashable published a piece outlining the resource.
  • Users of LinkedIn, a career networking site, are discussing the tool with their colleagues. (You don't need a LinkedIn account to follow the discussion.)
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy features reader opinions about whether Jumo will succeed or fail.
  • Nonprofit technology bloggers Beth Kanter and Amy Sample Ward have shared their thoughts about how Jumo works.
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