February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Photograph of a happy teen couple and the words Love Is Respect.

Dating violence is a widespread problem among youth: According to findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, one in three teens has experienced physical, verbal or emotional abuse in a romantic relationship. Here are five ways to mark National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month:

  1. Read Vice President Biden's remarks about the 16th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act and national efforts to stem relationship violence.
  2. Learn about dating violence and how to help a young person in a bad relationship.
  3. Learn about FYSB’s Family Violence Prevention & Services Program.
  4. Visit the Relationship Violence section of this website.
  5. Search the NCFY library for abstracts of research on domestic violence and relationship abuse. 

And stay tuned throughout the month for more information about teen dating violence prevention.

National Longintudinal Study of Adolescent Health, or ADD Health

National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month website

9-5 pm Eastern